Tuesday, June 25, 2013

In Closing...

FINAL ASSIGNMENT: Write a blog on your “point of resonance” in the story and how it offers a touchstone for your source of vitality (the water of life to sustain you as a professional). -Dr. McCaleb

Point of resonance: Collaboration with veteran teachers.

If I am feeling "lost" or overwhelmed during my first year of teaching, which will certainly happen to most of us newbies, I plan to fearlessly listen and ask questions with sincerity.

When the third brother heard the "small voice", he tugged on the reins, hopped off his horse, and listened intently. He did not pretend to know the way. He did not tell the voice to leave him alone. He sought out the voice's (veteran teacher's) advice. And because of this, the voice shared with him the secrets of the water of life (the secrets of teaching)!

Veteran teachers should not be feared. They have all been where we are now. Wide-eyed, brand-spanking new teachers. If we pretend to know everything, we will be hurting ourselves, and potentially, hurting our students' education. We will be missing out on precious opportunities to build meaningful/professional relationships with our coworkers.

Bottom Line: ASK QUESTIONS!!! People respect those who ask questions. They tend to trust you more, because they know that instead of cluelessly nodding your head in agreement, you will immediately clear up any misconceptions, and get straight to work!

That's it for now. Good day, and good luck!

(We did it MCERT 2013!!!!!)




  1. Yes, you did! I like your connection with the voice and the sage presence. Not all veterans have the voice of wisdom; some are more like the 2 older brothers. Discernment is key. That and not going to sleep at the wrong time. You have my best wishes for along with full confidence in your success.

  2. My stepdad gave me some of the best advice I ever got as a kid: to always ask people questions about themselves. His reasoning was that it's the best way to get on people's good sides. That does happen to be true, but I've found that even more important, by asking people all about themselves you learn SO MUCH. Which of course makes you better at whatever you do-- and that especially includes teaching. Nice post!